Breath WorkOUT. Powerful Yoga Breathwork for Life

Breath WorkOUT. Powerful Yoga Breathwork for Life
Author : Anu Lall
Publisher : Anu Lall
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Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Breath WorkOUT. Powerful Yoga Breathwork for Life Book Description:

Breath WorkOUT is a fantastic way of conditioning your mind and body. It has the potential to reset many patterns. It works from inside, to slowly develop your health, taking you back to your original blueprint. As one moves from unconscious to conscious breathing, the rhythm of breath changes gives rise to more synchronized states of mind and body, giving better health. We will explore many aspects of breathing and help you appreciate how yoga breathing is not just one single technique, but an armor of tools, to be used with precision to achieve the result you want.

Making you the champion of the sport called – Life

Breathing, when fine-tuned as an individual experience, can be used for many aspects of life. It connects and syncs with all experiences of life

Train your Dragon. Know your Why

(Each claim is backed by scientific evidence, lucid explanations, and Videos clickable through the book) 1. Run better. Swim faster. Climb Higher. Enhance Efficiency of your ‘machine’ in any sport 2. BreathWorkOut teaches you how to reset your breath to manage your moods, anxiety and stress. Bye Bye Monkey mind. 3. Breathe to release Nitric Oxide in the nasal track. Your Body’s natural bronchodilator. Bye bye clogged nose 4. Breath WorkOut naturally tones the parasympathetic nervous system, ‘rest and digest’ better, helping you sleep deeper. Don’t believe us? Track it on your devices! 5. Breath WorkOut improve voices modulation and acoustics of your voice. Don’t sue us if you fail the opera audition! Breathe for ‘your’ best voice 6. Manage chronic pain and inflammation better with Breath WorkOut ***

Praise for Breath WorkOut Programs

Check out our Facebook Page for more Reviews Breathwork programme was the first structured programme I undertook with a view to improve my breathing and lung capacity. It was a great experience, as we concluded the 21 day run today. a) Improvement in the way I breathe and being conscious of it b) Most importantly, establishment of a regimen which is clearly very hard to achieve on your own c) Anu Lall’s dedication in making sure that everyone gets it. And getting us into the flow patiently. d) getting us to appreciate the nuances of breathing, diet, our physiology. Very much recommended. Everyone should do this course. *** With Breathing exercises for just over two weeks, I have experienced conscious breathing that was otherwise an involuntary activity. I see a difference in my reactions to a situation, have a grip of my effervescent emotions. The result: a better balanced being. I also see how we naturally adapt our breath in response to a particular emotion or an evolving situation. *** In just the first two days with YogaSmith, I found myself finally breathing through BOTH my nostrils, simultaneously. Then clearly. Both in & out! Certain breathing exercises relax my mind. Others energise me for my outdoor sporty activity. Yet another helps me balance my emotions.. mind & body benefit from breathing consciously, through science & simplicity. *** I attended the 21-day Breathwork program by YogaSmith and am so glad that I invested my time doing that. It was an extremely well structured course and Anu Lall is an excellent teacher. Day 1 itself was a revelation and I looked forward to every single day of practise. While I can list out the numerous benefits, to me what stands out is the realisation that I missed out on so much by not doing this earlier. *** Her mission to make the planet yoga and nature aligned as district from pooping pills and getting under rays of scanner is commendable. I have personally have almost 3 Kgs She makes things very easy by using very daily life examples and keeping the integrity of Sanskrit scriptures in place. *** Both of us absolutely loved the Pranayam classes. It was very much a learning experience for us and we are getting better at exhaling and Drishtis!

Breath WorkOUT. Powerful Yoga Breathwork for Life
Language: en
Authors: Anu Lall
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: - Publisher: Anu Lall

Breath WorkOUT is a fantastic way of conditioning your mind and body. It has the potential to reset many patterns. It works from inside, to slowly develop your
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